Before taking any supplement products, it is important that you are aware of what you are consuming. When it comes to supplements, some of the most relevant questions that you need to ask are whether the nutritional elements are balanced and very importantly, whether they are well-absorbed into the body. Other issues include whether they carry antioxidant elements and if they are Bio form.

According to Dr Ray D Strand, a Nutritional Medicine and author of best-selling books like ‘Death by Presciption’ and Healthy for Life’, cellular nutrition consumption should be taken as a form of ‘preventive medicine’ which would help to avoid diseases from happening and to prevent ‘oxidative stress’ too. In another book published by Dr Lyle McWilliam, 500 types of popular vitamin products were researched and evaluated based on the following factors:

  1. Balance and completeness of vitamins
  2. Potency
  3. Bioavailability
  4. Metabolic support
  5. Absorption and many others

A score of 0 to 100 was given to each of this product which were compiled together with 7 other renowned nutritionists. Among the brands that were evaluated include Usana Health Sciences, Herbalife, Centrum, Nutrimate, Amway, Sunrider, GNC, Nu Skin and Shaklee. The book was reviewed 3 times and its findings were very accurate as any discrepancies would create a lot of legal problems for Dr Lyle as it concerned many multi-million companies around the world. In the scores, Usana Health Science’s Essentials supplement obtained a 96.1 score which is the highest among all the others.

Usana Health Sciences is one of the most reputable Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies that offer top health supplements in the world today. Through Usana’s research and science labs I Utah, USA, the company has produced many products that had won countless awards and recognitions worldwide.

Usana Health Sciences is the brainchild of Dr Myron Wentz, an Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Contributions to Life Sciences recipient. Dr Wentz ensures that the products marketed under the Usana Health Sciences banner are only the best and helps people from all walks of life to enjoy better health. Hence, you will find that all Usana products come with Potency Guarantee that ensures that what you take are clearly stated on the label and are genuine.

In Australia, Usana Health Sciences is operated by Usana Australia where we have a strong presence around the country. Associates and distributors are located around Australia from the large cities of Melbourne and Sydney to the communities and towns as well. The team of associates is very friendly and is well capable to help you in all your Usana needs.

Be a Distributor – Usana Australia

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Being a distributor of Usana Australia would be the best thing you have ever done because you will enjoy a healthy life as well as a lucrative income. Through Usana’s emphasis on quality and science, the products have won so many awards; no other health brands come close. This is a company which will be here for good because Usana have their own award-winning products and a very effective plan. Usana products are recognized and included as products with no side-effects as recorded in MIMs, the book referred to by doctors and GPs. On top of that, Usana Health Sciences is among the top 10 companies to invest in as recommended by Warren Buffet.

About Usana

The name Usana is derived from Greek and Latin words which mean true health. This does not only refer to a person who is healthy but more so about the ability to carry out daily routines and activities in a more energetic manner and more cheerful which in return makes life more meaningful. The Usana Health Science australia is a company that promotes this environment through its reputable list of supplement products which helps to keep the body strong at all times.

Regardless of where you are in Australia, from the cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the Federal territories of Christmas Island or Jervis Bay, take the step to join Usana Australia and see the change in your life.